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Spencer & Spencer - an American Tennis Dream in the ETG

was the headline of “Niederrhein Tennis”, the official magazine of the tennis federation of the Niederrhein area.

Chris Spencer is English, but this heading summarizes exactly the fact that Chris Spencer did not only open a further Academy with his team but fulfilled a dream. Obviously also his pupils detected this motivation, following him from the most distant corners of Germany today to Essen-Borbeck.

The structured program in technique and match training as well as the exercises for the increase of Mental Power seems to make fun and leads already to remarkable results. Whether Blue -, Red-, Silver- or Gold Group, the program can be visited just once, but it ends usually up with the fact that the pupils train with us for the entire school season.

Who not gets enough tennis during the regular school season, can join our Junior Camps. During the last holidays there has been a multicolored mixture of children and young people from Essen and in addition, from Berlin, Bielefeld, Frankfurt and Krefeld.

A group of players took up now a full time program. This means the preparation for professional tennis.

Apart from the physical aspects in the Academy much value is also given on the mental development of the players. Rage accumulations can interrupt the entire play rhythm for example and let even strong players fall into a deep hole, from which they cannot free themselves. Who has never seen - even with top players - at the television. The exercises for the stabilization of the mental power operate therefore following the slogan:"The body follows the spirit and mental strength can be trained exactly in the same way as technique and tactics. "