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The Tennis Academy offers a full programme for all ages and playing levels, single and group training.

A specialty are the Junior-Groups following the slogan “Go for Your Goals”. the Academy offers training in a group for all playing levels with other players on the same level. The change between the groups is related to the success of the training. So a permanent development of the juniors is possible following their own goals.

The “Blue Group” for beginners offers training at two days of the week for one hour.

The intensity is increased for the “Red Group” with two hours and the  “Silver Group” with three hours.

The “Gold Group” for very good players with high ambitions and partly success already in important tournaments, plays three days for 3 hours.

These group programs can be visited just once to see whether they fit to the players own goals. They are running for the whole school season and can normally be booked for 4 weeks.