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Everyone who sees professional tennis on television knows from statements of top players after the match that mental strength is important, in order to play good and successful tennis. In addition, for the " normal " tennis player or for the young player with ambitions it  is necessary to develop mental abilities or strengthen it, which permit to defeat quite equivalent or stronger opponents. The abilities developed for the tennis sport contribute  also to overcome difficult situations in everyday life (school, occupation).

Exercises and discussions both on- and offcourt serve to give the pupils the ability to find more self-assurance and to be more concentrated and at the same time relaxed. They learn to set their own goals and to stick them with conviction.

Practice in the Academy already shows that the use of mental power techniques led to an enormous improvement in the game of the pupils. This begins with the impact, which is connected with rituals also with tennis professionals - who of the older ages does not know the extremely accurate operational sequence of Ivan Lendel. And it ends with the possibility to control and canalize rage and annoyance over the own bad play and to transform it into positive effects.